Thursday, December 20, 2007

Development Slate


Easy Mark
Drama about neighbors disagreeing over the U.S.-Iraq War. (Wrapped production 12/21/7)

Crossing Over
Drama shot in Istanbul, Turkey about global migration, and the undocumented people desperate to get to the land of milk and honey: Europe. (Post-production)

Just 2 Get By
Coming of age urban drama about best friends confronted with race and gang tensions on the streets of Los Angeles. Based on feature screenplay. (Pre-production)

Horror comedy about a woman who moves into a new apartment and encounters strange happenings. (In development)

Sleep Tight
Comedy about a commuter struggling to get a good night's sleep. (In development)


Just 2 Get By (In development)

Blanket Party
Thriller about rage and revenge in the Bronx. (In development)


Green Light: Race & Gang Terrorism
Explores race and gang terrorism in the U.S. and its impact on families, communities, and the image of an American melting pot.

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